Mar 27, 2011

Lovely Magnet as Gift or Wedding Favor

This week i have made 3 little magnets with the theme : LOVE. These magnets are only about the size of a fifty-cent coin. Something little but lovely gift i would think people can afford to buy  for someone they appreciate or they love especially those who has limited budget in gift.

These magnets are also ideal as wedding favor to thank your wedding guests for sharing your happiness with you and your partner on your wedding day. Each of these magnet is only RM3.00. If you wish to purchase in bulk special price can be negotiated. As of now i have came out promotion package where if you purchase more than 10 items, each magnet is only RM2.50. For more enquiries , please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

The size of the Lovely Magnets are about the size of a fifty-cent coin.

Love in Word Magnet - RM3.00 each

Lots of Love Magnet - RM3.00 each

Love In Love Magnet - RM3.00 each
Wedding Couple Clay Magnet RM8 (one set)
From left : black dust, Pink Lady, Angel  (Each RM5)

Mar 24, 2011

Handmade keychain for my friends

I have 2 good friends who are also my loyal customers has been very supportive throughout my years of building this handmade arts and crafts business.I am very grateful of that. To thank them, i made a little handmade gift for them - key chain. Both design is the same except i added their name on the key chain. Here is what i have made and hope they love it.

Key Chain with my friend's name on it.

The 2 key chains i made

Mar 19, 2011

Customised Birthday Greeting Card

We have made many different type of greeting cards for the past years either for our customers or for our own used. So far we are happy that our customers really like our design. Recently we have just designed and customised one birthday card for our loyal customer. She has some specific request on the greeting card : the card size has to be half of the size of A4 paper, the design must symbolise forever love and it should have a lot of space in the card for her to write messages.

For the design part, we have created a pot of plant with lots of growing loves. This is to indicate that the love is forever growing till end of life. We are glad that she loves this concept. Here is the outcome of the greeting card :

Mar 7, 2011

Cute Hand phone / Mobile Straps For Sale! - SOLD OUT!

Dear Friends,

We have some stocks of cute little hand phone strap which will be nice to decor either on your phone or on your bag. Majorities are non-handmade. I will state out which of  the design is handmade item by us. Personally, i love them as they are so cute!! :)  That is why i decided to take the stocks and sell it to those who loves cute things.

Each handphone strap, it doesn't matter whether it is handmade or non-handmade is cost RM2.00 Only.
If you purchased more than 5 handphone straps, We will give you 1 extra for FREE!

If you wish to purchase in bulk for certain occasion, please do let us know special pricing can be discussed.

Interested? Please do email us at or leave a message at our facebook fan page.

Puppy pug

Puppy 01

White Seal

Pink Rabbit - out of stock!
Ladybug -  This is handmade by us
Little Piggy

Moo Moo Cow

Little Lamb




Mar 5, 2011

Another handbag charm made - Flora Design

Last night, i was kinda bored and was quite in the mood of doing some clay art work. When i opened my tool box,   and saw those "key chain" and eye screws. I just told myself  "Let's do another handbag charms!"  which won't take me a long time to complete it.

I started conditioned and rolling the polymer clay. Making it into clay beads. Poke a hole at the top to install the eye screw once it is baked. And being a gal, of course i love flowery stuff. So i decided to use my clay mold and make some little daisies. After the baking. I start joining all the clay beads together using the jump rings. And my work is done! :)

Here it is. My Flora Design Handbag Charm! Hope you will like it! :)

Flora Design Hand Bag Charms