Jun 20, 2013

New Clay Class for July 2013

This coming July 2013, we are planning to open 2 types of classes :
1 - 2 inches tall Japanese Doll Clay Figurine Workshop
2 - Lovely Couple Fridge Magnet Workshop. 

Each class has 2 schedules for 2 different dates. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are early bird fee to encourage those who are really keen to reserve the seat soon as each class only cater for 5 students.

Workshop Availability :
13th July 11am to 5pm - Lovely Couple Fridge Magnet Workshop -  5 seats left
13th July 3pm to 5pm - Japanese Doll Figurine Workshop - 3 seats left
20th July 11am to 5pm - Japanese Doll Figurine Workshop - 4 seats left
20th July 3pm to 5pm - Lovely Couple Fridge Magnet Workshop - 2 seats left

Jun 4, 2013

Strawberry Garden Polymer Clay Figurine

From time to time we need to think of different projects to conduct clay workshop we plan to have. We have few regular students who visit us every Sunday to have fun and also learn as much project as possible. So we have to continuous keep thinking of what to teach almost every week. Due to this, we need to get a lot of references either from the internet or the clay books we bought for more ideas.

The next project we plan to teach our dear loyal students are what i called it "The Strawberry Garden". This is not what we have created our own. We got this idea from a clay book we bought on-line. Something we think the students will enjoy doing it. If you find this is something you would like to explore and learn to make one yourself; do contact us, we can arrange a customised workshop just for you to learn what you want to make. 

Strawberry Garden