Dec 1, 2013

December 2013 Christmas Clay Molding Workshop

This year end there will be 2 workshops conducted with Christmas theme:
- Snowman and Angel figurine making workshop
- Santa Claus figurine making workshop

These 2 workshops will be conducted at 2 venue :
- Jalan SS18/2 Subang Jaya
- The BulbCoffee Cafe @ Damansara Jaya

IF you are interested please do contact us to find out more. It is a 2 hour workshop and the fee is only RM45.00

Oct 7, 2013

Another 3 new set of Minions !! :P

Despicable Me's Minion is still a hit here in Malaysia although the movie has no longer showing in the cinema. Not just children even the adults love them so much. This week, we have completed another 3 sets of minion : Bee-doh Bee-Doh - The Siren Minion, The Maid Minion and the Fruit Hat Minion. All are in 3.5 inches tall.

Bee-doh Bee-doh -The siren minion

Fruit Hat Minion

The Maid

Oct 3, 2013

Minion Clay Moulding Workshop at The BULB Coffee, Damansara Jaya.

Last Saturday was our very first time conducting a clay moulding workshop in a cafe. It is a joint event with The BULB Coffee. Total of 5 students signed up for the class. Some are our regular students. Some are first timer. The entire workshop lasted for about 2 hours plus and we are glad they enjoyed it a lot. They even asked us when is our next workshop. Thank you for being such supportive! ^_^

Workshop in progress

Minion done by a 6 years old girl

Refreshment is served after the workshop prepared by The BULB Coffee

You get to choose any beverage from the menu. Their Latte is one of our favourite. 

Minions in the oven. Baking in progress

Final Artwork done by all the students. Aren't they creative? :P

Not forgetting to take a students' group picture with their art work.

And now with the Instructor ( Leena ) from Arts-N-Gizmo holding the Minion Plush Toy. 

Minions Family

Sep 11, 2013

Will you marry me? Minion

Another Minion Figurine is born! 
This is an order request from Penang Island requesting us to make a minion holding a bunch of lovely pink flowers as though he is proposing to the love one.A friend of ours in fact saw our art work and straight give it a tagline for the minion - "Will you Marry Me?".  This minion is about 4 inches tall. 

Will You Marry Me? minion

Aug 29, 2013

Clay Molding Workshop at The BULBCOFFEE cafe

This September we will be conducting 2 clay molding workshop at The BULBCOFFEE cafe,Damansara Jaya. 

If you are a new to clay and would love to trying it out. This is the right workshop for you. Some yummy refreshment will be served (prepared by the BULBCOFFEE.)

It can be a fun get together event with your friends to enjoy some activities in a nice a cosy ambience cafe. Interested? Questions? Do contact us either via email at or call us at 012-3000025

Not sure where is the cafe?  Click here to check out the location map :

Aug 21, 2013

Fat Boy and Fat Girl - 5 inches tall Figurines

When we received this order we have no idea what characters are they. It seems like a Korean series character. (Sorry we are not Korean or Japanese series fan as we are too tied up with our work. ^_^ ) Luckily the customer shared quite a number of pictures and even video from youtube on how this fat boy and fat girl looks like. At least we have some idea on it. We have to admit it is not 100% look alike. What we can say is we try our best to make similar as much as possible.

The actual look  :

(Picture Source : Received from customer via email )

Below is the figurine outcome :

Baby Lion King Birthday Clay Figurines

Lion King is one of our favourite cartoon during the younger days. One of my student's friend requested us to make 2 baby lion king figurines with a simple note on it. Both baby Lion King is approximately 3 inches tall. One if is sitting with a smile. The other one is lying against a stone with a huge leaf covering the baby lion's back. 

Jul 16, 2013

Despicable Me - Minion Key Chain

Since Despicable Me's minions is a hit thing now. Just trying to make some different clay items and share with all our fans. In fact we have received quite a number of order request already. Thank you for all the support! ^_^

We will make few more minion key chain and share with you here soon!

about 3cm tall Minion key chain

This is how it looks like hanging on a bag.

Jul 9, 2013

Despical Me - The minions.

Minions currently is a famous character due to the released of the movie - Despicable Me 2. We actually received quite a number of orders even before the movie is released. No Doubt they are indeed very cute and adorable. Those who have watched the movie will know what i mean. We have used polymer clay to made this minions figurine with the height of 10cm tall. below are some of the order we had completed. 
If you are interested to make your order, please do email us at for details. 

Jun 20, 2013

New Clay Class for July 2013

This coming July 2013, we are planning to open 2 types of classes :
1 - 2 inches tall Japanese Doll Clay Figurine Workshop
2 - Lovely Couple Fridge Magnet Workshop. 

Each class has 2 schedules for 2 different dates. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are early bird fee to encourage those who are really keen to reserve the seat soon as each class only cater for 5 students.

Workshop Availability :
13th July 11am to 5pm - Lovely Couple Fridge Magnet Workshop -  5 seats left
13th July 3pm to 5pm - Japanese Doll Figurine Workshop - 3 seats left
20th July 11am to 5pm - Japanese Doll Figurine Workshop - 4 seats left
20th July 3pm to 5pm - Lovely Couple Fridge Magnet Workshop - 2 seats left

Jun 4, 2013

Strawberry Garden Polymer Clay Figurine

From time to time we need to think of different projects to conduct clay workshop we plan to have. We have few regular students who visit us every Sunday to have fun and also learn as much project as possible. So we have to continuous keep thinking of what to teach almost every week. Due to this, we need to get a lot of references either from the internet or the clay books we bought for more ideas.

The next project we plan to teach our dear loyal students are what i called it "The Strawberry Garden". This is not what we have created our own. We got this idea from a clay book we bought on-line. Something we think the students will enjoy doing it. If you find this is something you would like to explore and learn to make one yourself; do contact us, we can arrange a customised workshop just for you to learn what you want to make. 

Strawberry Garden

May 7, 2013

Brown Boots Key Chain

It's been a while we have not updated our blog. Apologize about that especially those who visited our blog regularly. Leena has been away travelling around just to give ownself a good break! I hope everyone get to have their own holiday and have a peace in mind at times too! ^_^

This round Stephy has made a brown boots key chain. Ordered by a local customer. It is a 4cm tall boots keychain. Here is how it looks like : 

Interested to order from us? Please do email us at

Apr 4, 2013

Despicable Me's Minion Figurines

Sorry for not being so active in blogging as myself (Leena) and Stephy were busy with our own work. Finally now we can spend some time to update our blog.

The latest clay work completed by Arts-N-Gizmo (Clay Artist : Stephy) is the character of Minions from the animation cartoon called Despicable Me!. This figurines is ordered by our customer from Penang. The Minions are 3 inches tall . One is carrying a bazooka weapon and the other one is with a waving hand  saying hello to you. ^_^ Hope you all like it! 

Feb 19, 2013

March 2013 Workshop : Making Doraemon Clay Figurine

This coming March we are planning to have a blue theme. One of the significant character that is blue in color is the famous Doraemon. So for those who are interested to learn making your very own Doraemon figurine. Do come and join us. Any enquiries please email us at or contact 012-3000025. Workshop location will be at SS18, Subang Jaya. 

Feb 7, 2013

Customised Clay Workshop for a friends-get-together activity

Most of the time when we meeting up some friends are usually for a drink, a meal, go for movies etc. My friends and I made it something different. Attending clay workshop as a get-together activity. My friends know i teach clay craft and few of them are quite interested to find out more about this handicraft , so they decided to organise a clay craft class (of coz the instructor would be me :P ) just last weekend. I asked them what exactly they want to make. One of them has a cute little dog picture and suggested to make this dog. Before the class begin, i have made a sample so they will have a better idea how it will looks like as a figurine. We talked and laughed as all of them are first timer, you will see all sorts of funny shape of doggy being created by each of them. All of us enjoyed the moment and of course planning to have another workshop session soon. What they want to learn next? They told me they want to make Doraemon. :P

So if you and your friends are clay craft lovers and would like to get together in a small group for some activities. I am sure attending a clay moulding workshop will be one of a ideal get together moment. 

The sample dog figurine i made for this workshop

Everyone is focusing with their clay craft work

In Progress

Ready to bake for this first round in the oven

The results - Technique Methods are the same however all look so different.

Arrange the doggy in circle like having a gathering. ^_^

Not forgetting to take a group picture after the workshop.