Aug 22, 2012

Family Portrait Style Clay Figurine Set

One of our friend who want to give a special gift to his friend as an anniversary celebration but I couldn't really remember what anniversary was that. Anyway, Friend's request definitely we will try to help out. He gave me his friend's family photo and request to do the same as the photo in caricature style. Total there are 5 members and a little baby. We completed the entire figurine set in 2 weeks and here it is the Family Portrait Clay Figurine set. 

Aug 13, 2012

Handmade Clay Fridge Magnet - an ideal yet simple gift to someone you care.

It is always nice to know how to make your own gift for someone you care. Be it a birthday celebration, farewell, wedding or graduation, it would be great to do something that you know they like it. We do conduct workshop to guide you how to make a gift out from clay or if you just don't have the time making one nice gift ,you can always look for us for a custom made clay gift. Below is 2 of the examples we had just made for a friend's farewell. There will be more to come. ^_^

Aug 6, 2012

Pink Colour Theme Wedding Couple Figurine

Wedding is a joyful, romantic and harmony moment for a couple. Arts-n-Gizmo has made 2 sets of wedding couple figurines with pink as the theme colour. Pink is the symbol of unconditional love and nurturing. A nice pastel colour that is one of the famous and favourite colour for weddings or valentines. 

Here are the two sets of 5 inches tall wedding couple figurines our clay artist - Stephy has made. This can be an ideal gift for a wedding or simply just make it as a wedding cake topper - not a bad idea too.