Aug 30, 2011

Wedding Couple Clay Figurine - Caricature Style

Getting a memorable gift to someone who is going to get married can be a headache.We, Arts-n-Gizmo is specialised in making polymer clay figurine. Giving a unique wedding couple figurine as a gift may not be a bad idea.  Here is the latest wedding couple caricature style figurine made for a customer. This is a wedding couple we've made with Chinese wedding costume. Though this is not the first Chinese wedding couple we made, but we do try to make it different from the other wedding couple figurine to show the uniqueness of each couple figurine we have made. 

If you wish to order a wedding couple figurine - caricature style from us. Simply just email us your enquiry and the couple's picture and we shall do the rest! :P 

Picture Vs. Figurine

Papa Smurf and Smurfette Polymer Clay Figurines.

Smurf the movie is going to be on screen in Malaysia on 1st September. Everyone can't wait to watch this cute little creatures in action. We received an order to make a Papa Smurf and Smurfette figurine. I believe she must be a smurf fan too. :) 

Here is the outcome of the Smurf figurine we have made. 

Smurfette and Papa Smurf

Smurf - Back Profile

Papa Smurf


Aug 21, 2011

Children Basic Clay Figurine Making Workshop 21 August 2011

We have just conducted another children workshop, mainly to teach children the basic techniques to create figurine using polymer clay. This workshop I have taught the children how to condition the clay and followed by making different kind of shapes, construct it and "transform" it into little piggy and rabbit figurine and a lady bug key chain.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the workshop. This is just to give you a feel of how the workshop is conducted. If you are interested to learn some basic technique on making figurine using polymer clay, or just simply want to let your child to learn some simple arts. Do let us know, we can arrange a 2-3 hours workshop just for you or your kids.

Any inquiries related to our workshop, please do email us at

This is what the children made during the workshop. Aren't they good?! :)

Lady bug made by the children.

To view more pictures of this workshop. Please feel free to like and visit our fan page in facebook :

Another Cute Dolly is born! - Autumn Ally

Last week Stephy and I created 2 cute clay dollies named Tally Iko and Winter Bluey. Today they have a new member joining the club. Her name is Autumn Ally. Hope everyone enjoy viewing our product here at our blog. If you would like to share any clay making techniques or experience or even get some tips from us, feel free to email us ( or just simply leave a comments here at our blog. We are definitely happy to respond to you. Well that is what blog is about - Sharing! :)

This Clay Dolly name is Autumn Ally. Let's welcome her! :)

Winter Bluey, Tally Iko and Autumn Ally 

Aug 19, 2011

Totoro Wedding Cake Topper - Our Testimonial

It is always a happy thing whenever you receive a good compliment from your customer. Today we are so happy to receive an email from one of our customer from United Kingdom. She is happy with our services and she even shared with us the pictures she took with the Totoro figurines she ordered from us few months back. 

In April 2011, we received an inquiry from a customer - Jo in UK. She would like us to make a Totoro bride, bridegroom and the cat bus as her wedding cake topper. July 2011 is the month of her wedding. That was the day where these figurines will be displayed on her wedding cake. We are glad to hear from her that they received a lot of compliments from her guests. We are definitely happy too! :) 

Just to share with you the words from our customer :

" The wedding seems to be a distant memory - I got married in July.
Thank you very much for your hard work in making/creating our wedding cake toppers. We had a lovely day. We had lots of compliments from our guests. A lot of people thought they were edible and asked if they could take the figures home (which I was definitely not going to let them do).

Intially, I was concerned and you are located on the other side of the world and that there's only so much you can say in emails. In addition, I was taking a risk and you were reasonable with your prices (including P&P) for the customised items compared to the UK.
You were very professional and understanding of what I was looking for and extremely happy with the result. You were very efficient with your communication and answered your queries in a friendly manner.
I would definitely recommend you and hope to use you on another occasion.
Enjoy viewing the attached pictures for your portofolio.

Kind regards,
Jo   "

Totoro figurine set on the wedding cake

Totoro Bride and Bridegroom

Full view of the Wedding Cake - Nice! :)

Totoro Wedding Cake Topper Set. This picture taken before we posted it to UK

Aug 14, 2011

Our 1st Try Making Cute Dolly

We have just bought a clay reference book online few weeks back. This book is published in Taiwan and it is in mandarin language. When we saw this book, we were so tempted to learn making those cute and adorable dolls. Based on the book, we learned some techniques such as how to make the doll's hair curl, how to design clothes for the doll etc. Using this book as a reference, myself (Leena) and Stephy has created our own doll. 
The book we bought.

Some example of the technique shown in the book.

Stephy's doll named Iko, She has curly hair and with long leg. Whilst, Leena's doll is named Winter Bluey. She has long hair and very petite in size. Iko and Winter Bluey has become sisters and friends and more dolly friends is coming on the way. :P 

This is our first try making such cute dolly based on the reference book we have bought. They may not be perfect, we will try to improve and hopefully our next cute dollies will be more details and with better artwork. :)

Stephy's Doll - Iko

Leena's Doll - Winter Bluey

Little Winter Bluey and Tally Iko

Aug 13, 2011

Basic Polymer Clay Figurine Workshop on 21 August 2011

Arts-n-Gizmo is conducting another polymer clay figurine making workshop on 21 August 2011 for creative children. The Details are as follow :

Workshop Title : Polymer Clay Figurine Making (Basic)
Date : 21st July 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Venue: Arts-n-Gizmo Territory, Subang Jaya. (Address will be provided to registered customers)
Fee : RM50 ( raw materials included, customer can bring back their own made figurine)
What to Bring : Basically just bring yourself here. :)
Max. Pax per workshop : 3 - 5 students only

Figurine to make : Little Piggy and Little Rabbit ( key chain ring / Magnet or Handphone strap will be provided as well)

If you are interested pleasedo not hesitate to contact us via email at or contact Leena at 012-3000025.

Some figurine sample the kids will learn to make in the works

Aug 4, 2011

Introducing Our August's "New Dish" on the block - Ratatouille's Remy (The Rat) Glow in the Dark Clay Figurine!

When we mentioned about cartoon or animation film from Walt Disney, everyone will remember the famous Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Princesses such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. In year 2007, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney had produced one of computer-animated film - Ratatouille. A story about a rat who has a dream to become a chef.
Ratatouille - The Animation Film produced in year 2007
A regular customer of ours requested us to make a 4 inch in height of Ratatouille's Remy the rat figurine for her dad's 63th Birthday. The reason why she chose this character is because her dad is born in the year of rat and she finds Remy - the character in Ratatouille is cute. Of course there are some additional requirements from her to add on to the figurine. I am glad she likes the figurine and now we would like to share our artwork with you.
Drafted Sketch Versus Actual Result
Customised Ratatouille- Remy the Chef Rat
Ratatouille - The Side and back profile
Ratatouille close up
Ratatouille - Bottom profile
The Figurine actually glows in the dark! :)