Apr 10, 2012

Customized Totoro Wedding Clay Cake Topper

Last Month - March 2012, we have completed another customized Totoro  wedding clay cake topper  for a customer from United States. The couple, they love Totoro so much and wish to have Totoro as the Theme for their Cake Topper. 

The Totoro  wedding clay cake topper  is 3.5 inches tall ; 5 inches in length and 3 inches wide. The big Totoro is sleeping on the grass and the wedding couple sit on the Totoro's tummy together with a little blue Totoro. The wedding couples both wearing spectacles which is one the of the feature of the actual person. We are glad that they have received it and they love the cake topper. 

We took some pictures of the Totoro wedding clay cake topper before packing it and shipped it to United States. Below are the pictures to share with you. Happy Viewing!

And here is how it looks like on the wedding cake. Thanks Emily for sharing the picture with us! ^_^