Jun 29, 2011

Animal Mechanical Clay Figurine As Cake Topper

Animal Mechanical on Birthday Cake
I believe many parents with children will know who is Animal Mechanical. It is a Canadian Children Television shows/cartoon  produced by Halifax Film.In Malaysia, Animal Mechanical is being broadcast in Playhouse Disney Channel daily. There are total of 5 main characters : Komodo, Sasquatch, Rex, Unicorn and Mouse.
We have a lovely mommy cusotmer who wants to get a nice birthday cake with animal mechanical characters on it  for her child's birthday.Since she is planning to spend so much money on the cake, she wants to keep the characters as souvenir or decorative figurine after finishing up the cake. So here we have made this 5 Animal Mechanical characters that she can just put in on top of the cake and after that she still can keep the figurine for her child as gift. We have done our part here and we do hope her child will love these figurines. 

Animal Mechanical - Rex in the making.
Animal Mechanical  Set
Animal Mechanical Set
Animal Mechanical Set - Side View
Animal Mechanical - Unicorn

Animal Mechanical - Komodo

Animal Mechanical - Mouse

Animal Mechanical - Rex
Animal Mechanical - Sasquatch


  1. Wow, great job on making clay figures of Animal Mechanicals :D.
    - Randomced859

  2. Thank you for your compliment! :)

  3. hi there

    do u sell these...my lil one is a big fan....please email me on kellie_chan@hotmail.com


  4. Yes I need to know too. Do you sell these? My daughter is a huge fan. I have made her dollies of the Animal Mechanicals and she has been playing with them non-stop for the past year. She would love an Animal Mechanical cake topper that she could also play with afterwards. Please email me stacycraigca@yahoo.ca

  5. My little one has a birthday beginning of December. Do you sell these?!

    Please email me!!


  6. I am very interested in purchasing the Animal Mechanical character set. Please email me at calvesl@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  7. If you still do these (possible to get a Komodo cake topper in 2 weeks) please send me an e-mail at: photodiver@hotmail.com

  8. I want to buy these also. Please email me at meganvidrine@yahoo.com

  9. Are you still selling the animal mechanicals set? Thinking of using them as cake toppers. Please email me at lala_dayao@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  10. Hello, please of you are still selling them let me know I would like to use them as cake toppers for my son's birthday. My email is loubna_aat@hotmail.com

  11. Are you still selling the animal mechanicals set? please let mo know pedrojzapata@hotmail.com

  12. Are you still selling the animal mechanicals set? please let mo know pedrojzapata@hotmail.com

  13. Omg!!! I know u have alot of people asking...but I HAVE to have those!!!! My son is obsessed with that show!!!!!!!!! Please please please tell me how or where I could get those cake toppers!! Please!!! :)

    1. diana_desormeaux@hotmail.com

  14. Hi can i purchase a set of these to use as cake toppers. Thank you. Nicola.(nicola_vaughan@sky.com)

  15. Like the above posts, I'm wondering if you sell these still?? Email me at darkhelmet3@hotmail.com please!!!

  16. hi,My son is turning 3 on June 2nd and he loves Animal Mechanical.I would like to purchase too. Please email me the price of each character at srividyagooty@gmail.com

  17. Hello. My daughter turns 3 on March 4th and i would love to have these to top her cake. Please email me jms62591@gmail.com