Jun 21, 2011

Birthday Cake design by Arts-N-Gizmo Artist.

18th June 2011 was a happy day for our little niece. She turned 1 and the parents thrown a birthday party for her. The mom would like to have a special cake for the little ones. Our dear niece she loves this specific cartoon - Despicable Me! We are not sure why she loves it so much. We just know every time when this cartoon movie is on, she will be quietly sit down and watch the cartoon till the end. Can you image, less than a year old baby watching cartoon. The interesting part is that when we tried to distract her while she was watching the cartoon, she will try to push you away. It's like telling you " Go Away!" . :P 
Stephy - Arts-n-Gizmo artist, designed a cake and send the design to our regular bakery shop to draw it on the cake. We love the cake so much and a lot of guests in the party also find the cake design is cute. So now here it is sharing it with you. :) 

3kg birthday cake for our 1year old niece

Close up of the design.

This is minion, one of the character appears in Despicable Me!

The little cute one cutting her big birthday cake. :)

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