Apr 24, 2011

Prototype figurine for Luv.Feelin

We were busy for these few weeks, didn't manage to get the time to update our blog. Thousand apology!!
Our dear Stephy artist, recently offer to help Joan from luv.feelin to create their iconic figurine. Here is the prototype she has made and more improvement to enhance this figurine is on the way! :)

Apr 8, 2011

Totoro Wedding Couple and Totoro Cat Bus

We were surprised when we received an order all the way from United Kingdom. She was requesting us to make Totoro wedding couple where the Totoro bride should be pink in color and the Totoro groom in baby blue color. On top of that she would like to have a Totoro famous cat bus. We are happy to receive this order and now the work is complete, we would like to share this with our friends and of course to all Totoro fans! :)
Pink Totoro Bride
Blue Totoro Groom
Totoro Cat Bus
The Totoro Set