Jun 15, 2011

Snoopy - 3D PolymerClay Picture Frame

Thinking what should you buy for a friend's birthday? I have always facing this "challenge". Sometimes it really takes a good thought of what are the things your friend like in order to get something nice, unique and hope he or  she will like the gift.

This month, one of my good friend is celebrating her birthday. I know she is a snoopy lover, so i get Stephy, our Arts-n-Gizmo main clay artist to make one for me.I just described my ideas and there she goes, a 3D polymer clay snoopy picture frame is born! :)

If you wish to give someone a special, customised and unique gift, well we are one of the people you can look for. :P just email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com. and we will try scratching our creative brain to assist you!:)

Snoopy - in the making......

The Final Product. I love it!


  1. What tools should you use?

  2. we use the clay tools (not sure whether there is any specific name) we bought to sculpt and shape the figurine.

  3. Is the background made out of clay as well? And could you also use Play-Doh?

  4. The based is actually a wooden frame. The blue sky background is made of polymer clay. I believe Play Doh might be able to do the similar(i think. It just that Play Doh will not get harden as it is meant for the chidren to play and build their creativity.