Feb 27, 2011

Clay Handbag Charms - Accessories for your bag.

Making clay figurines is always what we usually do, and i would say more expert with it. Making accessories? hmmm... actually never try it yet. I bought some of the materials a week ago, thinking what should i started with. 
I always love those handbag charms that nowadays many ladies like to use it as their bag's jewelery accessories. So i started making some simple mini clay figurines and clay beads. Using all those mini rings and losbster hoop connecting all these clay beads and wah la!.. here if goes..! Your comment are welcome as there is where i will seek for more improvement! :P 

Here I  would like to share with you this facebook fan page called "Crafty JuJu Designs"  - , where this lovely designer handmade all the lovely and beautiful charms for sale. I love her art work very much. Hope you will too! :) 

Sea Shell + Star Fish Design

Ladybug Design

This is how it will look like when it is hang on your bag 

Feb 21, 2011

Paper Craft/Art - Making Personalized Gift

When it comes to Christmas, birthday, graduation or anniversary celebrations, most of us will be scratching our head thinking what to buy for your relatives/friends as a gift. Since we love handicraft and have limited budget to buy gifts for quite a number of people. Our creative artist came out with an idea to use paper to create a nice personalized gift. What she did is just cutting papers and puzzled it to become a symbolic character of our friends. And Now since Christmas is over and the gift has been given away. We can proudly posted here and share with our fans who love handmade crafts.  If you like our creation and would like us to create a personalized gift for you, just send us a picture of the person and we shall start our paper cutting and make the "cartoon" version of that person in the picture. Feel free to email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com to get more info.

Feb 20, 2011

The Tiniest Wedding Couple Clay Figurine Ever Made

We have made all sorts of sizes for different figurines. Our famous order are Wedding Couples. Usually the standard size that our customers are interested in is between 4 inch to 5 inch in height. The smallest wedding couple we have ever made in fact is approx. 1 inch in height. The smaller the figurine it is, the tougher it is to be made. All the details of the figurine are so tiny that we need to spend more time and patience to do it.
Great job to our Creator/Artist - Stephy ! :) 

The 1 inch in height wedding couple figurine
See how small it is!
The height is about the same as a tea bag's tag.

Feb 18, 2011

Dedicated to All Totoro Fans!

Ever since we did our very first Totoro figurines requested by one of our customer, we keep receiving orders from different customers wanting Totoro fingurine. Since there are so many Totoro fans out there, we were just thinking may be we should share out all the Totoro figurines we ever made here. For this posting is dedicated to all Totoro Fans!! :) Your comments are always welcome !!! :)










Our First Clay Workshop for Kids

After having so many enquiries on whether we conducting any workshop to learn more about making clay figurines, we had finally organised our very first one mainly for children. The 2 hours workshop was held on 27th Nov 2010 at our own premises in Subang Jaya.

Total of 3 children participated in this workshop and they really enjoyed the class a lot. The 1st hour, we taught them the technique of how to mould and condition the polymer clay. Once they  are used to the clay, we began to teach them how to make their very first lady bug figurine that can be used to deco their wrist band (ribbon). The next 1 hour, we gave them the tools and up to their creativity to make their very own fridge magnet. Here are the pictures taken during the workshop.

One of the student making his very first lady bug
He is so excited with his art work and wanted to snap a picture of it.
Workshop in progress
Workshop in progress
Workshop in progress - making the lady bug wrist band
The children's art work

The children's art work
Took a group picture before the workshop ended

We were at "Toy No Fun" Exhibition

Our art work was being displayed at the "Toy No Fun" exhibition at The One Academy, Sunway organised by Toy Minister. We went to have a look and snap some pictures. Here it is:
The Entrance to The One Academy's Gallery, Sunway.

Our Artist's Art Work being showcased.

Here it is our Arts-n-Gizmo Artist's Name !! :) 

Arts-n-Gizmo very own Character Creation : Stoogies

Arts-n-Gizmo's  Team Member : Leena

Our Artist - Stephy with her Creation

Another Art Work contributed by our Artist to this Exhibition

Look at the crowd in the Gallery.