Feb 1, 2011

Lovely Wedding Corsages

A lot of my friends were surprise that i am into flowers and ask me where i got to know and learn about this corsage making. To me, i treat it as an art and i love arts a lot. I have made a lot of clay stuff such as clay fridge magnet, clay decorated candle holder, greeting cards etc

There is one time i found a nice website that talks about making corsages and also seeing all the beautiful corsages being made has triggered my interest and start to learn and make it as part of my little business. My partner-CG and i has started an semi online business since late last year. This website of course not just selling corsages, but also other interesting and lovely gifts for wedding, birthday,baby shower etc.

So far i have made only few designs of corsages, will try to come out more designs so that our customer will have more choices to choose from. Right now all the corsages i've made are mainly roses. My next corsage that i am going to make is using white lily

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