Feb 27, 2011

Clay Handbag Charms - Accessories for your bag.

Making clay figurines is always what we usually do, and i would say more expert with it. Making accessories? hmmm... actually never try it yet. I bought some of the materials a week ago, thinking what should i started with. 
I always love those handbag charms that nowadays many ladies like to use it as their bag's jewelery accessories. So i started making some simple mini clay figurines and clay beads. Using all those mini rings and losbster hoop connecting all these clay beads and wah la!.. here if goes..! Your comment are welcome as there is where i will seek for more improvement! :P 

Here I  would like to share with you this facebook fan page called "Crafty JuJu Designs"  - , where this lovely designer handmade all the lovely and beautiful charms for sale. I love her art work very much. Hope you will too! :) 

Sea Shell + Star Fish Design

Ladybug Design

This is how it will look like when it is hang on your bag 

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