Jun 30, 2011

Caricature Anniversary Couple Figurine

Sometimes we are not sure what to buy and where to look for a special gift for our love ones. Our very supportive customer- Chris, ordered a  customized 5-inch in height of caricature figurine of herself with her fiance. This figurine is something special and meaningful for her - 1st anniversary gift for her fiance. Though it is not 100% look alike with the real person but  I do hope they love our art work and we at Arts-n-Gizmo are very grateful to have such a supportive customer! Thank you Chris!

Caricature Figurine - Front Profile
Caricature Figurine - Back Profile

Caricature Figurine - Bottom Profile
Here we share with you some pictures taken during the making of the figurine. We started with drawing a sketch to show the customer.Once customer are happy with it then we will start making it.

The Sketch

Jun 29, 2011

Animal Mechanical Clay Figurine As Cake Topper

Animal Mechanical on Birthday Cake
I believe many parents with children will know who is Animal Mechanical. It is a Canadian Children Television shows/cartoon  produced by Halifax Film.In Malaysia, Animal Mechanical is being broadcast in Playhouse Disney Channel daily. There are total of 5 main characters : Komodo, Sasquatch, Rex, Unicorn and Mouse.
We have a lovely mommy cusotmer who wants to get a nice birthday cake with animal mechanical characters on it  for her child's birthday.Since she is planning to spend so much money on the cake, she wants to keep the characters as souvenir or decorative figurine after finishing up the cake. So here we have made this 5 Animal Mechanical characters that she can just put in on top of the cake and after that she still can keep the figurine for her child as gift. We have done our part here and we do hope her child will love these figurines. 

Animal Mechanical - Rex in the making.
Animal Mechanical  Set
Animal Mechanical Set
Animal Mechanical Set - Side View
Animal Mechanical - Unicorn

Animal Mechanical - Komodo

Animal Mechanical - Mouse

Animal Mechanical - Rex
Animal Mechanical - Sasquatch

Jun 23, 2011

Handmade Clay Baby Range Design - Magnet, Key Chain, Stickers

Last night we have just made 3 of  the baby range designs. This handmade polymer clay designs is suitable to make key chain or magnet as a mini gift. Or simply just a clay stickers for your greeting card designs or scrap booking. We will continue to made more designs and share with you. So stay tuned!
If you are interested with our product and services, please do email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!:)
Baby Range Handmade Clay Designs

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Baby Super Star Foot

Baby Bib

Baby Bottle

Jun 22, 2011

Latest Handmade Clay Key Chain & Magnet

Our latest souvenir range of clay product. The designs can be for key chain or magnet. We do bulk order as well for special events such as wedding, birthday etc. If you are interested please do not hesitate to email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com.

Our little clay souvenirs range of product

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Angry Bird Range

Lady Bug Range

Love Wording Range

Lacey Love & Flower Range

Jun 21, 2011

Birthday Cake design by Arts-N-Gizmo Artist.

18th June 2011 was a happy day for our little niece. She turned 1 and the parents thrown a birthday party for her. The mom would like to have a special cake for the little ones. Our dear niece she loves this specific cartoon - Despicable Me! We are not sure why she loves it so much. We just know every time when this cartoon movie is on, she will be quietly sit down and watch the cartoon till the end. Can you image, less than a year old baby watching cartoon. The interesting part is that when we tried to distract her while she was watching the cartoon, she will try to push you away. It's like telling you " Go Away!" . :P 
Stephy - Arts-n-Gizmo artist, designed a cake and send the design to our regular bakery shop to draw it on the cake. We love the cake so much and a lot of guests in the party also find the cake design is cute. So now here it is sharing it with you. :) 

3kg birthday cake for our 1year old niece

Close up of the design.

This is minion, one of the character appears in Despicable Me!

The little cute one cutting her big birthday cake. :)

Jun 17, 2011

Come and Visit us at Creative Muse Market Place, The Weld Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Arts-n-Gizmo friends and fans,

We will be displaying and selling our creative artwork on 17th July 2011 from 11am to 6pm at The Creative Muse Market Place, The Weld Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. So do come and pay us a visit, we will be happy to see you around and support this creative event.

Creative Muse is a monthly event held collaboratively with CUTOUT Magazine and The Weld Shopping Centre, the first and the latest creative platform in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s all about being creative and being proud of it!

17th July 2011, 11am-6pm
Concourse LG, The Weld

Programmes include:
- Creative Marketplace
Find only unique handmade art and craft items here. Books will be on sale too, or bring your own for an exchange.

- Creative Talks
Listen to creative people talk about their interest and passion in the arts

- Open Gigs by amateur talents*
Discover new voices and talents from our very own young Malaysians. Also enjoy shows brought to you by people who spend their lifetime perfecting different skills such as yoyo and magic.

Jun 15, 2011

Smurf Birthday Figurine.

For those who were born in the 1970s, i believe you would remember this cartoon called Smurf. We like Smurf as they are really adorable. Of course not forgetting their theme song : "La la.. la la la la.. la la la la la"  :) . Don't know what am i singing?  just Google it or search from YouTube you will know what i mean.

This year - September 2011, Smurf the movie is finally on cinema here in Malaysia. Can't wait to watch this. And when all this come, we have a loyal customer who sent in a request to make a smurf figurine for her friend's birthday. I believe her friend must be a Smurf's fan too. :) She has a very special request as well : The Smurf can glow in the dark. So there we go start the creation work and here we present the Birthday Smurf!

Smurf carrying a mushroom house with glow in the dark birthday wishes.

Side profile of the Smurf figurine

The front profile of Smurf figurine

The bottom of the Smurf is decorated with some little presents.

Here is it. Smurf in the display case.

Smurf - It glows in the dark! :)
Interested with our art work and wish to get our services, please do contact us at artsngizmo@gmail.com

Snoopy - 3D PolymerClay Picture Frame

Thinking what should you buy for a friend's birthday? I have always facing this "challenge". Sometimes it really takes a good thought of what are the things your friend like in order to get something nice, unique and hope he or  she will like the gift.

This month, one of my good friend is celebrating her birthday. I know she is a snoopy lover, so i get Stephy, our Arts-n-Gizmo main clay artist to make one for me.I just described my ideas and there she goes, a 3D polymer clay snoopy picture frame is born! :)

If you wish to give someone a special, customised and unique gift, well we are one of the people you can look for. :P just email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com. and we will try scratching our creative brain to assist you!:)

Snoopy - in the making......

The Final Product. I love it!