Feb 21, 2011

Paper Craft/Art - Making Personalized Gift

When it comes to Christmas, birthday, graduation or anniversary celebrations, most of us will be scratching our head thinking what to buy for your relatives/friends as a gift. Since we love handicraft and have limited budget to buy gifts for quite a number of people. Our creative artist came out with an idea to use paper to create a nice personalized gift. What she did is just cutting papers and puzzled it to become a symbolic character of our friends. And Now since Christmas is over and the gift has been given away. We can proudly posted here and share with our fans who love handmade crafts.  If you like our creation and would like us to create a personalized gift for you, just send us a picture of the person and we shall start our paper cutting and make the "cartoon" version of that person in the picture. Feel free to email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com to get more info.

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