Aug 6, 2012

Pink Colour Theme Wedding Couple Figurine

Wedding is a joyful, romantic and harmony moment for a couple. Arts-n-Gizmo has made 2 sets of wedding couple figurines with pink as the theme colour. Pink is the symbol of unconditional love and nurturing. A nice pastel colour that is one of the famous and favourite colour for weddings or valentines. 

Here are the two sets of 5 inches tall wedding couple figurines our clay artist - Stephy has made. This can be an ideal gift for a wedding or simply just make it as a wedding cake topper - not a bad idea too.


  1. yang bawah lucu banget, pengen deh bisa bikin clay .. ada kursusnya nggak?

  2. Dear All,

    There are clay craft workshop to learn making such figurine. Please feel free to email us for me details.
    We are actually based in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.