Jul 19, 2011

Show Your Love via Greeting Cards

Do you have something to say to your love ones or to the one you care? Well there are all sorts of way to do that : email, e-greetings,  letter, greeting cards, little notes etc.The way to present your message to someone you love and care is important, as it shows that how important is that person to you. Handmade stuff is always one of the items people like to sent it as a gift to show a person's sincerity.Today we are more focus on greeting cards, the main theme for this batch of greeting cards is "LOVE". Here are some of the designs we have came out with, if you wish to order these cards or you want us to customise the one and only cards for you, do email us at artsngizmo@gmail.com

Pure Love Design

The Red Rose Design

The Butterflies Design

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