Oct 19, 2011

Basic & Fun Clay Figurine Making Workshop - 15&16 Oct 2011

 15th & 16th October 2011 - Arts-n-Gizmo has featured a workshop promotion at everyday.com.my  on early October 2011. We received quite a number of customers who registered for the workshop. The promotion we were giving was 50% off on the usual workshop price of RM50 (Children) and RM60 (Adults).

15th October was the first class for adults. We gave the option for the student to choose whether they want to make a teddy bear figurine or little dolly. For my 3 class on the same day, all the students chose little dolly.
The instructor from Arts-n-Gizmo always tried her best to guide the students as much as possible. Although most of the students are very new to this handy craft, but they are very creative and manage to make their very own style of dolly. Great Work!
Students are very focus in making their very own dolly figurine.

Students' art work using polymer clay

Another dolly art work done by the student

Group Picture at the end of the class
Glad they enjoy the workshop
On the 16th October, it was the workshop for the children. For children, we have to teach to make something simpler and yet help them to build their creativity at the same time. As the basic, we use lady bug as the simplest figurine to teach them how to construct and joint the parts together to create the figurine. The second part of the workshop, we let the child to choose what they want to make base on the sample available. Some choose to make little bunny, some wants to make a piggy or caterpillar. For the Children class, we encourage the parent(s) to join the class together so that this will be the moment where parent and child can have the acitivity together.

Mommy is helping the daughter during the workshop
Workshop in progress

Workshop in progress

Lady bug made by the children

Children's second art work
 For those who missed the promotion and would like to join such workshop just for the fun of it. You are welcome to make enquiry by email to us at artsngizmo@gmail.com.

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