Oct 1, 2012

Another set of Totoro Cake Topper ready for delivery

We have been received quite a number of Totoro Cake Topper set since year 2011. Surprisingly the orders mostly are not local. Mostly are either from United Kingdom or United States of America. We are surprised but also happy to receive all these order. 

Another Totoro Cake Topper set made from Polymer Clay has been completed recently. We took some pictures of the cake topper and shared it with the customer. She is satisfy and happy with our work. Hopefully she will be even happier when she received it in few weeks time. 

We do have to apologize to some of our customers who wish to order from us but couldn't as all the items we made are 100% handmade and we always put our maximum effort as much as we can to complete all the clay work. Therefore we can only accept certain number of orders. your patience and confident  with/on us are very very much appreciated! ^_^

Totoro Cake Topper Set made of Polymer Clay

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