Nov 13, 2012

1st Personalised Clay Magnet Workshop 2012

Few days ago, I have just conducted a personalised clay magnet making workshop. There were 2 adult students signed up for that class. One of my student actually want to make a magnet as a gift for his friend's wedding. While coaching him step by step what to be done, I was actually also making one just to demonstrate some of the techniques. While another student learn to make a Christmas theme magnet which I already have a sample to show her and guide her all the way. Both of them have different ideas and i am glad they enjoyed the class. 

Techniques of using polymer clay to make a clay magnet is not difficult. It's the idea you have and the patience and passion that counts in arts & craft. The class supposed to be a 2 hours class but ended up stretched to 3 hours. I am fine with it as i can see they really put their effort and making their very first clay craft with passion. This makes me happy and i willing to wait for them to complete their art work. I can see their smile and joy when they look at their work.

Here are their artwork. There are few more workshops to go until this year end of 2012. We will share with you more soon. 

Christmas theme clay magnet done by student.

Student clay work, also a wedding gift for his friends.

Done while guiding the student to make his own clay magnet

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